Ship Brokering Services are unrivalled – in terms of the number and caliber of our brokers, our breadth of market coverage, geographical spread and depth of intelligence resources.

Acting as intermediaries between directly contracting counterparties, our broking teams have the expertise, experience to make deals happen.

This means bringing together a company with a cargo to ship and a company with a vessel able to transport it , bringing together buyers and sellers of secondhand ships and contracting new buildings.

We have specialist broking teams dealing in all major markets:

Containers, dry cargo, deep sea tankers, LPG and ammonia, LNG, offshore, petrochemical gases, short sea and specialized products – for chartering and sale and purchase.


We aspire to be best – in – class in all the industry’s key sectors and market leader in each and every continent where we have offices. We are the only truly worldwide broker, providing a global service on a local basis from a network of offices strategically located in the same marketplaces and time zones as our clients.

Agreements brokered by our team result in ships of all sizes crises-crossing the oceans on the great arteries of trade , carrying every conceivable cargo from commodities like iron ore , coal grain and crude oil to food stuffs , cars , house hold goods , chemicals and industrial equipment.

Ship Broker Service is privileged with the integration of Vessel Buy and Sale (Purchase) Broker, Consultation Services (Consultation Inspections before purchase vessels prior owners request accordance highest standard of criteria Levels Ovid Surveyors) and Consultants provide maritime with long experience in the field of maritime arbitration and resolution of maritime disputes.

Charters (Rent) services with minimum Fees with the Best offers from Our Clients from Direct Owners, We try our level best to maintain sustainable management and quality standards in every supply.

Long experience and the accumulation of experiences in the field of import and export clearance and security of goods, customs clearance, loading and unloading of the land port to the hand of the Owners and any services required by ship owners.